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Fun for kids.
Smart for moms.

Smurfs Kids Gummies are packed with more healthy goodness, and much more fun, than other brands. Buy online from these websites.

Gummies made with real fruit.

Smurfs Kids Gummies contain juices/purees from 6 fruits (apple, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, and passionfruit).

Doctor developed formulas.

Smurfs Kids Gummies provide carefully selected nutrients at properly balanced potencies for safety and effectiveness.

More than just a multivitamin.

Whether it's getting to sleep, staying healthy, or focusing better at home and school, there's a Smurfs™ gummy that can help. (Click on bottle to learn more.)

Delicious taste of Smurf berries.

Made with natural berry flavors, Smurfs™ gummies are sure to become your kid's new favorite, and yours too!

No allergens or nasty ingredients.

No gluten, gelatin, GMOs, milk, eggs, nuts, fish, soy, high fructose corn syrup or synthetic color/flavor in our gummies.

Here for a new generation.

It's a real joy sharing Smurfs™ gummies with your kids, and it may bring back fond memories of your own childhood.
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